6 Window Trends for 2018

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 9th January 2018

Your choice of windows can make your remodeled space look sleek and modern or dated and unfashionable. If you’re planning a Pittsburgh remodeling project in 2018, you’ll want to consider these six trends before you finalize your renovation plans.

Square is the New Arched

During the past few years, homeowners embraced curved and arching windows, but that trend may be changing. In fact, Builder Magazine’s list of 2018 trends notes that square windows are the latest shape trend. The windows look equally at home in contemporary or older homes and may be less likely to look dated as styles change in the coming years.

Black is Back

If you’ve read home improvement magazines or websites in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed plenty of colorful window frames. Although teal green, red, blue and other bright colors certainly accentuate your windows, they do limit color choices for your walls.

Black and other neutral colors and finishes, such as gray and bronze, are expected to be particularly popular choices in 2018. Windows framed in black offer clean, classic lines, complement a range of design styles and keep the focus on the view outside.

New Window Styles Seamlessly Meld Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Rectangular windows and standard-size sliding doors only provide glimpses of the impressive view outside your home. Today, more and more homeowners are opting to bring the outdoors inside with expansive windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling and entire walls of glass doors. With just the touch of a button or a swipe of an app, the doors slide or fold open to create an impressive indoor-outdoor living space.

Thin Frames Keep the Focus on the Outdoors

When the view is the focal point of the room, thick window frames are distracting. Many manufacturers offer incredibly thin frames that keep the focus on the newly fallen snow or the changing leaf colors, not the windows themselves.

Pass-Through Windows Are Ideal for Entertaining

Pass-throughs are the new must-have feature for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. They’re typically installed between the kitchen and the deck or patio and allow dishes and glasses to be easily passed from the kitchen to the guests gathered outside. Pass-through windows are often paired with raised counters or bars on the exterior wall.

Wood Choices Have Expanded

Wood-frame windows add warmth to a room and may be a better design choice if you have an older or traditional home. Although pine was once the primary material used to construct wood-framed windows, homeowners have many more choices in 2018. Cherry, oak and mahogany windows offer a smoother finish and give any room a high-end look.

Not sure which type of windows will look best in your Pittsburgh home? Turn to the renovation experts at Master Remodelers when you’re ready to begin your remodel. Contact us to learn how you can get the process started.


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