The Top 4 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 27th July 2019

Bathroom renovations are particularly popular these days and have even surpassed kitchen makeovers as the most common type of home remodeling project. That’s not surprising considering the importance of bathrooms in our daily lives. No longer considered the least important room in the house, today’s bathrooms are luxurious and packed with amenities.

With so many options to consider when remodeling your bathroom, it’s easy to make a few decisions you’ll regret. Keeping in mind these common remodeling mistakes can help you ensure that your Pittsburgh bathroom renovation is just as you envisioned.

Not Spending Enough Time on Planning

If your bathroom is tiny and outdated, any change is bound to be positive – at least at first. Unfortunately, you may soon become dissatisfied with your bathroom if you don’t carefully consider your family’s needs and wants.

Before you contact a remodeling company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my current bathroom too small?
  • Can I borrow space from another room to expand the size, or I will I need to build an addition?
  • Who will use the bathroom?
  • Do I want to change the placement of the shower, toilet, sink or bathtub?
  • Is there another bathroom I can use when the renovation is underway?

Focusing Too Heavily on Trends

Soaking tubs are practically works of art these days. Whether they appeared to be carved from a solid piece of stone or crafted in copper, the tubs certainly create an impressive focal point in your bathroom. If you enjoy relaxing in the bathtub at the end of the day, a soaking tub may be an excellent addition to your bathroom

On the other hand, a gigantic soaking tub will take up valuable floor space and become nothing more than a big dust collector if you prefer showers and rarely use the bathtub. Thinking about how often you’ll actually use trendy items after the novelty factor wears off can help you avoid buying things you don’t really need and won’t use.

Neglecting Practical Issues

Have you ever looked at bathroom photos and thought, “That’s certainly a beautiful bathroom, but where do they keep the extra toilet paper”? The ideal bathroom isn’t only attractive but functional. It contains plenty of storage space for towels, soap, shampoo and cleaning and grooming products.

It’s also important to think about door and window placement. Will you enter the bathroom from a hall, bedroom or through a walk-in closet. Is a floor-to-ceiling window in front of the tub or shower really a good idea if your home is close to your neighbor’s?

Choosing a Remodeler Based on Price Alone

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the more expensive types of renovations because the projects often involve plumbing, electrical and tile work and the purchase of big ticket items like steam showers, chromatherapy tubs, waterproof TVs, and high-tech toilets and faucets. Although you probably can find a cut-rate remodeler, making your contractor decision based on price alone can be a serious mistake.

Remodeling companies that specialize in high-end bathroom renovations employ highly skilled craftsmen and use quality products that will last for years. The remodelers can recommend features that will enhance your enjoyment of your new room and offer creative solutions to bathroom dilemmas.

Is a bathroom remodel on your wish list? Master Remodeler’s design/build team can help you create the ideal space for your home. Contact us if you’re ready to begin your remodel.


National Association of Home Builders: Bathrooms Overtake Kitchens as Most Popular Remodeling Project

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