How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Metropolitan Pittsburgh?

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 10th February 2019

Are you planning a kitchen remodel in Mt. Lebanon, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, or another upscale Pittsburgh area but aren’t sure how much to budget for your renovation? National remodeling estimates provide a rough idea of the price you’ll pay to remodel your kitchen, but they don’t take into personal preference factors that influence your total cost.

Where Can I Find an Accurate Estimate?

Remodeling Magazine's 2020 Cost vs. Value report offers estimates for major U.S. metropolitan areas, including Pittsburgh. Many online calculators only provide information on budget renovations, which isn’t very helpful if you’re planning a luxurious kitchen transformation. The Cost vs. Value report offers information in two categories for major remodels: mid-range and upscale. According to the report, the average cost of an upscale major kitchen remodel in the Pittsburgh area is $133,646.

What Do I Get for $133,646?

Remodeling Magazine bases their kitchen remodel cost estimates on a 200-square-foot kitchen outfitted with 30 linear feet of good quality custom white cabinets. This upscale kitchen budget also includes a commercial-grade wall oven, cooktop, microwave and dishwasher. Tile (quality unknown) is used throughout the room, including on the floor and backsplash. Countertops are stone and feature an under-mount sink and water filtration system. If you focus solely on this price, you may find that Remodeling Magazine's definition of upscale doesn't meet your personal style and expectations.

What Other Factors Can Affect Cost?

Professional design assistance, spacial changes, cabinet customization, state-of-the art appliances, faucets and surface finishes and unique lighting adds to the cost of remodeling. Here's a bit more detail on the features that can elevate your kitchen environment:

Custom Cabinets: There are no limitations when you choose custom cabinets over stock cabinetry. With Custom, you select the style, the wood, the interior functionality and exterior finishes. Unlike custom cabinets, stock cabinets come in a predetermined range of sizes. If a stock cabinet doesn’t quite fill the available space, the carpenter will need to install a filler piece to close the gap, thus wasting precious functionality. Because custom cabinets are designed specifically for your room layout, they’re built to maximize usability and eliminate wasted storage space.

High-Tech Appliances: Commercial-grade appliances can't touch the beauty and performance of top brand appliance makers. Ovens that can be controlled remotely to dishwashers that let you know when a load is finished, today’s high-tech appliances make cooking and cleaning more of an art. If “only the best in smart appliance engineering” is your motto, you’ll want to consider the cost of top-of-the-line appliances when you prepare your budget.

New Spaces: Kitchens in older homes may have been functional when they were first designed, but many of them just don’t have the features modern homeowners want. Opening up the kitchen to include the family room is a popular choice because it improves lifestyle and traffic flow in the home. Whether you plan to expand your kitchen into another room or build an addition, creating and expanding your space requires structural changes and that will increase the budget.

Plumbing & Electrical Work: Changing the location of appliances often means that plumbing lines must be moved followed by adding new electrical outlets and circuits. Also, there have never been more visually appealing and high-performing faucets, decorative hardware and lighting selections that will take your room to new depths. There are literally thousands to artful choices to pick from, many of which can be integrated into home audio-visual systems such as Alexa, Google and smart phone apps. Integration costs are additional.

Luxurious Added Features: Do you want an island big enough to seat 8, two Sub Zero refrigerators, 2 dishwashers, a wet bar, radiant heat flooring, smart-home technology, sound absorption for better audio quality, or a built-in air purifier? Luxurious features like these make your kitchen look and feel amazing.

How Much Will I Get Back on My Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodel?

The return on investment (ROI) of your renovation depends both on the scope of the project, and your state of mind.

A minor, mid-range kitchen remodel in Pittsburgh offers an ROI of 83 percent, according to Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report, while a major, upscale renovation provides an ROI of 57.3 percent. The ROI of upscale Pittsburgh kitchen remodels is actually higher than the national average of 53.9 percent. Although you’ll see the greatest ROI on minor, cosmetic changes, a major upgrade can increase the overall value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers in the future.

If you live in Sewickley, Peters Township, Fox Chapel or other exclusive Pittsburgh neighborhoods, buyers won’t be satisfied with refaced cabinets and laminate countertops in the kitchen. They’ll expect high-quality features that truly set your kitchen apart, such as stone or solid-surface countertops, custom cabinets, exclusive ceramic backsplashes and other luxurious upgrades. If your home doesn’t have these features, buyers may very well scroll down to the next house on a real estate website and never even bother touring your home.

The less talked about ROI of an upscale remodel is the enjoyment you'll get living in a home that truly makes your heart sing.

Are you unsure which upgrades make sense to add to your home? We can assist you in choosing the best features and upgrades for your home and help you avoid mistakes that can decrease the value of your remodel.

How Do I Get Started with Kitchen Remodeling in Pittsburgh?

The remodeling process starts when you set a budget. Begin by shopping for appliances (a significant line item in your budget) and determining if you want to change your floor plan or add-on to the room. Now that you have information about the average cost of a major, upscale renovation, with a realistic budget in mind, you can begin contacting design-build firms and kitchen remodelers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Your remodeler can help you fine-tune your budget based on the features you want to include in the renovation. When you interview companies, you want to pay close attention to the estimate they are giving you. If it isn't detailed and based on the real costs of products and selections that you picked out, then you may be setting yourself up for a lot of change orders, which will drive your budget up beyond what you had initially agreed to.

As a design-build company, we'll discuss what is possible for your space, get real with you about costs, flag any concerns, turn ideas into visuals and forecast realistic timelines. And we'll deliver a detailed plan and proposal based on your personal selections that you can hold us to.

During the construction phase, you’re dealing with the same people who were at the table with you during the design process. So there’s no risk of misunderstandings or conflict as the project moves from design to construction. With the whole team working together in the same company, using the same architectural plan and cloud-based project management software, everyone is on the same page, communication is better, and everything runs more smoothly and efficiently because you’re working with one company from start to finish.

Need a little help budgeting for your Pittsburgh kitchen remodel? For more than 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of Pittsburgh area homeowners transform their lifestyles through the renovation of their kitchens, basements, bedrooms and other living spaces and we can help you, too. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a time to discuss your vision.

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