What is My Pittsburgh Remodel Timeline?

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What is My Pittsburgh Remodel Timeline?

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Helene McQuaide

Waiting just may be the hardest part of a home remodel. As a homeowner, you’re understandably eager to see the job finished as quickly as possible. Although your contractor can give you an estimated time frame for your project, these factors may affect the completion date of your renovation.

Project Scope

The extent of work to be performed is a key consideration in developing the timeline for your Squirrel Hill kitchen renovation or Mt. Lebanon, PA, basement remodel. Generally, a family room remodel will take much less time than a kitchen remodel or a complete basement overhaul. Projects that involve plumbing or electrical work or additions will always take longer than those that are largely cosmetic. Big jobs typically require more subcontractors. Unfortunately, busy craftsmen or contractors may not always be available precisely when you need them, which can slow the progress of your remodel.

Amount of Custom Work

The big-box home improvement stores will probably offer everything you need to complete the job if you’re planning a low-budget renovation, but off-the-shelf is probably the last thing you want if you’re desiring an upscale renovation. Custom finishes and products that are created just for you can take longer to produce. And during these pandemic-times, the lead times are longer than usual. Custom work can extend home remodels by a few months, but the results are usually worth the wait so you’ll want to allow for 4 – 6 months for the design and planning stage. 

Unforeseen Issues

You never know what you find when you open a wall, floor, or ceiling in an older Pittsburgh home. Outdated electrical work, leaks, termite damage, and other crucial issues will cause delays and may increase the project budget. Addressing these problems is a must and will ensure that your finished remodel not only looks good but is safe and structurally sound.

However, these problems can add time to determining how long does a bathroom remodel take. When your contractor pulls up the existing floor and finds signs of mold and mildew, additional steps get added to the project. Thus, a typical house construction schedule is a fluid thing, and you must plan some extra time for these types of unforeseen issues. In addition, problems like these can add to the cost of your home remodel


The weather in Pennsylvania is unpredictable. We can have rainstorms, snowstorms, wind storms, and hail storms, depending on the season. Remodeling success requires taking these factors into account. 

Bad weather can also be a factor, particularly if you’re building an addition, reroofing your house, or tackling an outdoor renovation. Your contractor needs to know that the weather is not going to damage your home, especially when the roof is open and the project is exposed. While we take many precautions to prevent damage, including coverings and protections for your home, we simply cannot work if it is actively raining or snowing.

Permits and Inspections

The permit and inspection process sounds straightforward. You complete the paperwork, receive the permit, finish the work and pass the inspection. Yet once you submit everything, you can run into serious delays. You are at the mercy of the municipality or city leaders to give the approval.

In reality, the process isn’t always so simple. It’s important to choose a home renovation contractor who is familiar with codes and regulations in your municipality and city to limit those delays. Failure to submit the paperwork in the right fashion could cause it to get denied, leaving you right back at the beginning of the process. 

How Do I Estimate the Cost of a Remodel?

At the heart of the remodeling process is your budget. You can learn all you need to about a typical house construction schedule or modern house remodeling trends, but you have to know how much you can afford, and what a Pittsburgh remodel typically costs.

Getting bids is one of the best ways to estimate the costs of your specific remodeling project, however, each remodel is unique, and the specific things you want in your remodel will impact your budget. Working with a firm that will provide an estimate that is tied into 3D design images as well as guiding you in making product selections to your liking will allow you to better compare other bids on the same playing field. Otherwise, it becomes a good deal of guess work coming from the contractor and they can tell you any budget number to get your business. And after that happens, it becomes a series of change orders for you to get what you want. This is where you need to be very smart about the planning and estimating process that you are engaging in so you don’t end up surprised and disappointed in the renovation process. Ask the contractor what their process is so that you can understand how they arrived at their budget and what you are actually getting in return.

Your Timeline Shouldn’t Be a Secret

Although it may not be possible to give you an exact date for project completion, your contractor should be able to provide an estimate and explain the various steps in the design and building process. At Master Remodelers, those steps include:

  • Initial Meeting: We’ll visit your home and spend 60 to 90 minutes discussing your ideas and brainstorming ideas.
  • Phase 1: During this phase, an architectural designer will assess your home to determine project scope, discuss possibilities, and identify potential areas of concern, such as zoning restrictions or structural issues.
  • Phase 2: The design team uses photographs, floor plans, and measurements to develop 3D computer-aided visuals that will help you visualize the finished remodel.
  • Phase 3: If you’re happy with the design, you’ll receive an estimated completion date and proceed to the construction phase, when our plans for your home become reality. Payments are tied into work progress and our customer portal allows you to view the daily progress, scheduling, and forecast or work 24/7 so you feel in control.

Are you ready to begin a home renovation? Contact us to learn how we can help you transform your home.


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