Restorations and Projects from Our Architectural Designer

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Restorations and Projects from Our Architectural Designer

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Helene McQuaide

Successful restorations start with a team that’s focused on finding the best design solutions for each project that is then carried out in an efficient and thorough six-stage process. But where it really starts is with a casual conversation to determine if we’re a good fit for your project. 

What Makes Architectural Restoration Important?

Architectural restoration projects require finesse, care, and experience, and knowledge about the era and style in which your home was built. Your older or historic home has character that’s often buried in previous or dated remodeling jobs or disrepair. Researching, uncovering, and restoring is a game of patience and product knowledge. 

Our goal with every restoration is to bring those original characteristics to the forefront where they belong. Doing this takes respect for the original architect’s vision and letting those details that make your home remarkable shine, all while adding modern touches that don’t serve as competition. The objective of a successful restoration isn’t to make your home look like a time capsule, but to honor the original architectural details while adding modern conveniences and stylish touches. 

The Vernon Project

An excellent example of this principle is a recent high-end home restoration in Pittsburgh that seamlessly and harmoniously blends old and new. The central features are the striking hardwood floors that are accented by natural wood baseboards and trim. The floor was raised six inches in the “wet bar room” to match the elevation of the living room, creating a seamless transition. Set against the crisp white walls, the bold wood grain provides pattern and a variation of color, making overuse of additional color and pattern unnecessary. 

Mt Vernon Gold and Black Kitchen Pittsburgh

Luxury Loewen windows and doors carry the rich natural wood throughout the space. Brushed bronze hardware blends in with the deep rich browns and glowing strands of gold in the wood grain. 

Wood Finish with Modern Features Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh

Modern Touches in Architectural Restoration

This restoration uses modern touches to complement the original features rather than drown them out. The limited use of stylish and current gold elements throughout the space brings out the gold tones in the natural wood. 

Luxe Yves Flushmount light fixturesBerenson satin gold hardware on the wet bar, and Brizo matte black and Luxe gold faucet are all bold-but-tasteful modern elements that offer just enough variation in styles to be interesting but not overwhelming. 

Gold Pendant Light Fixtures Pittsburgh
Black and Gold Faucet Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh
Black and Gold Handles Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh

The custom black cabinetry used for the wet bar has an art deco feel with its black and gold palette (a confident nod to Pittsburgh sports teams), featuring a gold band that wraps around the entire piece just below the polished absolute black/onyx countertop. It’s a striking and unexpected pop of style set against the white walls and natural wood that just works. Another stunner is the vibrant, backlit marigold backsplash. 

Letting the Finishes Speak for Themselves

In this luxury modern bathroom, the featured finishes and fixtures each hold their own and do it well. The vanity is like the statement jewelry on an otherwise subtle and chic outfit. The darker wood tone with black handles and gold plumbing fixtures create a focal piece that both anchors this bathroom remodel and ties it into the living area. 

Luxury Modern Bathroom Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh

The other elements in this bathroom are minimalistic. The open shower design is clutter free by its stack of three shower niches. Brizo polished gold shower fixtures border on timeless and industrial and coordinate with the other Brizo fixtures and art sprinkled throughout the space.Vernon-048

Luxury Modern Bathroom Tub and Vanity  Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh

Another understated and sleek feature is the large white textured tiles that cover two walls and reach halfway up on the others. They add an understated texture to smooth surfaces like the rounded freestanding tub and matte white quartz vanity top. 

Luxury Modern Shower Tile  Mt. Vernon Pittsburgh

What to Look for In a Home Restoration Expert 

Exquisite restorations and styled spaces don’t happen by accident. To successfully deliver a home restoration that honors the original design of the home while bringing it into the present day, the design-build team will need to bring an elevated range of expertise. The architectural restoration designer will also need to remain open to learning and pay close attention to the intricacies of that specific project. 

Every home restoration offers something different and your Pittsburgh design-build team will need to be malleable enough to respond to each home’s different challenges. At the same time, bringing established practices to deliver a flawless restoration. 

Pittsburgh Luxury Restoration Design-Build Professionals

The design-build team at Master Remodelers is committed to making sure our expertise is a good match for your restoration project. Our in-house Chief Architectural Designer, Junko, has decades of experience and is the heart of our design-build process. Her dedication to collaboration, trust, and transparency is why our clients feel involved in our process from beginning to end and why clients often recommend our firm to friends and family. 

Your home is an important part of you and your family’s life. We show our respect for that fact in our dedication to not only making it picture-worthy but, more importantly, functioning perfectly for your needs. Contact Master Remodelers today to schedule a consultation. Let’s talk about your home and the design goals that will make it perfect. 


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