Increase Your Homes Value this Holiday Season

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Increase Your Homes Value this Holiday Season

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Helene McQuaide

Where in your home can you make updates that increase your home’s value and give rooms new life? Many rooms offer opportunities to make small changes that can add up to an increase in your home’s value and improve how you feel in your own space. Update your Pittsburgh home with luxury interior and exterior finishes and features for a whole new feel. What updates add the most value to your home? Here are the best places in your home to incorporate luxury finishes, high-end updates, and features upgrades.

The Bathroom

There are plenty of small updates in the bathroom that add up to a big bump in value and will make your bathroom appear more high-end. With so many components in the bathroom, there are plenty of opportunities to make the space feel updated and fresh. Bathroom updates also yield a higher ROI than most other updates, so it’s worth putting in the effort. Depending on the updates you choose, you could see a ROI of up to 81% for larger updates. For smaller changes, your investment can fetch much higher. 

Choose either bright white for a spa-like feel. However, the bathroom is a perfect room to play with trending colors, like blush, earthy green, or a light powder blue. The vanity fixtures can almost always use an update. This is a great place to lean into trends, because it’s easy and inexpensive to change again in a couple of years. Try brushed gold or matte black. 

Also have your towel rods changed, lighting fixtures, and any other metal toned hardware to match your plumbing fixtures. Changing your mirror can really change the look of your whole bathroom. If you have a framed mirror, change it to a frameless one. It will read as more current and offer a more tranquil palette. If your vanity counter is granite or ceramic tile, update it to marble or quartz. Granite has fallen out of fashion and the grout between tile can look old and dingy. 

The Laundry Room

Your laundry room can be updated without major structural changes for a decent ROI as well. If your laundry room only has recessed lighting, have a pendant light installed for a statement fixture. This room is also a great small space to play with trends, so consider a fun patterned wallpaper that coordinates with the proceeding rooms. 

A new porcelain sink offers a fresh feel, as does changing the counter out for a butcher block surface. Install open shelving of the same wood tone for a cohesive look. Update the hardware, hooks, and anything else with a metal tone. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the hardest working room during the holidays, and most any other time of the year. Your appliances could likely use an update. Choose energy efficient appliances, which are highly desired by buyers and in turn increases the value of your home. You’ll appreciate all the features high-end energy efficient smart appliances will afford you when you’re creating a large meal for family and friends. 

Your kitchen cabinets get a lot of wear and tear. You might not need to completely replace them, but a professional paint job will update the entire space. Paint your lower cabinets a fresh and subtle color while keeping your upper cabinets a more neutral tone, like gray, white, or cream. 

The backsplash is another feature that is a meaningful update that can be done in not a lot of time. If your backsplash is still simple tile, consider a solid slab backsplash. It’s a high-end contemporary kitchen update that’s very tasteful. And, as with the other rooms we’ve discussed, update all your metal accents, like the hardware and plumbing fixtures. Finally, replace your feature lighting. Change out your row of understated pendants with a wow-worthy chandelier.

Outdoor Living Space

Having an outdoor space for entertaining helps to expand the area that you can prepare, cook, and serve food, as well as have evening drinks, and host birthday parties. Your outdoor living space should reflect how you would like to use your space. Start with looking around online or on apps, like Pinterest and Houzz. Narrow down what features you see yourself using the most, and talk to a designer about planning your space for efficiency and luxury living. 

An outdoor kitchen can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. So, depending on your available timeline, you could achieve an outdoor kitchen with a patio for lounging and dining in only a few weeks if you have an efficient plan ready to go. Choose finishes, flooring, appliances, and other materials that are in stock and easy to install to help your timeline stay on track. 

Even adding a deck off of your kitchen or living space to start is a great canvas to work from later on when you have more time or a larger budget to build it out to a more special, tailored space. An outdoor space can fetch a ROI of at least 80%, especially if you incorporate features that prepare the space for all kinds of weather. Heating and screening can go a long way in making this space more comfortable during different seasons. 

When It’s Time to Call the Professionals

When you’re planning smaller, non-structural updates to increase your home’s value, it’s a good idea to call a professional remodeler for a proper assessment. Your bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces may need updates that you don’t notice right away, and a second pair of eyes with a pension for remodeling will be very valuable. 

Master Remodelers is a Pittsburgh remodeler that specializes in creating truly special spaces that will not only bring you joy, but improve your layout and function. If you’re ready to update your home or want to get a professional opinion on what can be done to improve the value of your home, contact Master Remodelers today.  


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