Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Your Pittsburgh Remodel – 2021

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Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Your Pittsburgh Remodel – 2021

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Helene McQuaide

Are you wondering how much your home remodeling project will cost? Although upscale remodeling projects can range in price from $75,971 for an upscale bathroom remodel in the Pittsburgh area to $146,617 for a major kitchen remodel, according to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report, the specific features you include will affect your final costs. Here are few factors you’ll want to consider when you set your remodeling budget.

Project Size and Scope

Square footage is a determining factor in the cost of your remodel. The larger space that will be remodeled, the more materials your renovator will need to order to complete the job. Remodeling one or two rooms will obviously be less expensive than a complete home makeover.

You’ll also need to consider the scope of the project. Do you want to keep your current floor plan or tear down a few walls and reconfigure rooms? More complicated projects always cost more than simple ones.


Will it take three weeks or four months to finish your project? Large projects require a longer timeline and increased labor costs that can drive up your budget. If you won’t be able to live in your home during construction, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of a hotel or rental home.

Quality of Materials

You’ll pay more for high-quality materials but can expect them to last many years. Custom cabinets, natural stone flooring, granite countertops, top-of-the-line appliances, quality paint and other luxurious features increase the budget.


Labor, a significant cost in any remodel, tends to be higher in upscale renovations. Custom woodwork and cabinetry, stained glass windows and other features require the services of skilled craftsmen and carpenters who must be compensated for their skill and expertise. Although you’ll pay more for labor if you include a few one-of-a-kind elements or features in your remodel, you won’t regret paying a little more for perfection.

Countertop and Tile Materials

If your remodel includes work on your kitchen or bathrooms, you’ll need to consider the cost of countertops and tiles for floors or walls. Special and custom orders can affect price, as can labor costs if the tile or countertop materials you choose are difficult to install.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Do you plan to change the location of your sink, add wall ovens or install a dramatic lighting fixture during your Mt. Lebanon kitchen remodel? If you’ve ever hired a plumber or electrician for a past project, you know that their services don’t come cheap. Expect a bump in your budget if your renovation requires plumbing or electrical work.

The Not-So-Little Details

Plenty of other details can affect remodeling costs including:

  • Cost of building permits
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Radiant heat flooring in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Luxury features (such as built-in wine chillers in the kitchen or multiple-head steam showers in the bathroom)

Are you planning an upscale home remodel soon? Master Remodelers can help you choose fixtures, finishes and designs that fit your lifestyle and help you prepare a realistic budget. Contact us to discuss your vision for your new space.


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