Why Work With A Certified Designer

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Why Work With A Certified Designer

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Helene McQuaide

Home remodels vary from small to large, from simple to complex, just as Design-Build designers vary from certified and highly experienced to those who are limited to basic spatial planning skills.

You may be wondering if your Pittsburgh home addition or remodeling project would benefit from hiring a Certified Designer in a Design-Build company. A certified architectural designer in a Design-Build firm brings a distinctive set of skills to the table, unmatched by other building professionals, including architects. Why would these skills and experience make your remodel even more valuable?  

Unique Education

Certified Design-Build architectural designers have gone through rigorous education, countless hours of on-the-job training, and several specialized certifications. A few example certifications are Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Kitchen Designer, Certified Green Professional, and Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Certifications range from very specific to much more broad.

Through these, certified Design-Build designers can best serve their client’s specific needs with an impeccable level of building knowledge, financial insight, and quality care that is inherent in a design-build firm. 

Many have a perception that designers are primarily graphic artists. However, throughout the education of a Design-Build certification, they may train in engineering, building systems, properties of materials, building and safety codes, project management, and more. Certified Design-Build designers are able to hone this multifaceted skill set and apply it to a wide breadth of projects in home remodeling in a fundamentally realistic way that an architect cannot. 

Professional development furthers a certified designer’s education throughout the rest of their career. Workshops, classes, and conferences to maintain their credentials keep certified Design-Build designers up to date on current trends, product sustainability, innovations, management methodologies, and more. When you take into consideration their rigorous education, special certifications, and professional development, a certified Design-Build designer’s education makes them an invaluable addition to your Pittsburgh home remodel. 

Efficiency in Design Knowledge and Problem Solving

Throughout a certified Design-Build designer’s education and practice, they come up against countless home remodeling challenges that require complex problem-solving. Once the demolition process begins in a home remodel, for example, there can be unforeseen issues that arise, causing the need for immediate adaptation. Not only will a designer and the Design-Build team have the know-how to circumvent such obstacles, but they will likely be able to keep these types of changes from disrupting the schedule while keeping costs to a minimum.  

Certified Design-Build designers are well-trained to use design theory, cost management, proven systems, and sound engineering to overcome unforeseen situations during your remodel. When you hire a certified Design-Build designer for your project, especially one that comes recommended and has years of experience, you can count on that training to help you make informed decisions about your design solutions. 

A certified Design-Build designer’s knowledge reaches beyond the structure and layout of a space. They are usually keen on trends, the latest materials, and fixtures, but most importantly, meeting your lifestyle wants and needs. An experienced certified Design-Build designer will have industry connections with interior designers and other vetted trade professionals who are well-suited to collaborate effectively on your project. 


Increase the Value of Your Home

Homeowners may worry that having a certified Design-Build designer is an added cost they can’t afford, but this is far from the case. The value a designer adds to your project cannot be overstated. For example, if an architectural designer is a Certified Green Professional, this means they are proficient in the latest sustainable building standards. Homes built or remodeled with these priorities in mind also tend to be energy efficient, saving you on energy bills in the long run. Designing and building in a sustainable way also translates to using fewer resources, reducing pollution, and creating a healthier indoor environment. 

Furthermore, a certified Design-Build designer can help to guide your choices of finishes and materials to ones that are both durable and timeless, making your remodel look relevant for decades. Designers are also likely to be in the know on the latest building materials that are long-lasting, saving on replacement and maintenance costs. 

Finally, a certified Design-Build designer’s value is seen in your home’s resale value. A well-designed home with thoughtful details, high-end finishes, and a smart layout will attract buyers in droves. Designers are current in the latest technology-driven features like smart appliances and spa-worthy bathroom features. These and so many other home features are reason enough to include a certified Design-Build designer in the budget for your Pittsburgh home remodel.  


Certified Architectural Designers and Design-Build Firms

Working with a certified Design-Build designer for your Pittsburgh home remodel clearly has many benefits. Those benefits are only compounded when you choose a Design-Build firm with a designer at the helm. Master Remodelers is a Pittsburgh design-build firm, led by our architectural designer, Junko. Throughout her long and successful career, Junko has amassed several certifications, awards, and expertise. She is highly skilled in team management, as well, contributing to the success of the firm.

Junko, Certified Design-Build  Designer, with Master Remodelers Design-Build Team

Create Your Dream Home With Master Remodelers 

With a designer already integrated into the construction team, every project runs seamlessly from start to finish. Communication channels are built into the professional structure of Master Remodelers, diminishing the risk of miscommunications or conflict across specialties. We utilize cloud-based project software, which enables every member of the team to be on the same page throughout your project. 

Master Remodelers is a firm made up of experts in helping homeowners reach their design dreams through renowned craftsmanship and professionalism. We hope you’ll reach out to Master Remodelers to discuss your Pittsburgh home remodel. 


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