Why Professional Project Photos Matter When Selecting a Remodeler

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Why Professional Project Photos Matter When Selecting a Remodeler

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Helene McQuaide

You wouldn’t buy a new car sight unseen, but some homeowners choose home remodeling companies without seeing their work first. Professional photographs provide important information that will help you decide if a particular company is a good choice for you. Keep these things in mind when you review contractor photo galleries.

Quality and Quantity are Important

Photographs offer a simple way to help home renovation contractors attract clients. Those websites represent the company virtually, so you would think the contractor would want to choose photographs that are sure to impress. When a contractor’s website features fuzzy, out-of-focus images, you have to wonder about their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The best photographs are sharp, clear and well-lit. Although you’ll want to see some wide-angle shots that show the entire room, smart contractors also include a few photographs that are close enough to show the little details. Pay particularly close attention to these shots, as they’ll give you an idea of the level of quality you can expect if you choose the contractor.

Many contractors group their photographs by room, with subcategories for each individual project. If you’re lucky, you see multiple photographs from all phases of the project. If every project only has one or two grainy photographs, or if the contractor hasn’t updated the page since 2010, be concerned. A skimpy photo gallery can be a sign that the company doesn’t produce work worth photographing.

Smartphone cameras take very good photographs these days, but they’re still no match for the cameras professionals use. Professional photographers know how to light and frame photographs to capture the most important aspects of remodeling projects. Paying a professional photographer is a little expensive, but the best home remodeling companies consider it a cost of doing business.

Photographs Provide an Excellent Screening Tool

Viewing photographs is a simple way to eliminate contractors from consideration. Although many companies claim to handle any type of remodeling project, if you look at their websites, you’ll notice that the photographs predominantly focus on one or two types of projects. It’s a clear sign that it’s time to move on to the next contractor on your list if a company claims to remodel kitchens, but all you see are patios and decks on the website.

Photographs also help you determine if you the company’s style meshes with your own. If you shake your head more than you smile when you click through the photographs, the contractor may not be the best fit for your project.

Contractor Websites Aren’t the Only Place to Find Professional Photographs

In addition to company websites, you’ll also find contractor photographs on a variety of websites, including Housetrends, Zillow and Houzz. Houzz not only features a large photo gallery for each contractor, but also includes multiple client reviews for each client. The more information you can obtain about each contractor, the easier it will be to choose a company that meets your requirements for quality, craftsmanship and style.

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