The Top 7 Reasons for Bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburgh

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Helene McQuaide

The Top 7 Reasons for Bathroom Remodeling in Pittsburgh

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Helene McQuaide

It’s true that timing is everything, whether you’re talking about buying stocks or renovating your bathroom. If you’re not sure that the time is right to remodel your bathroom, why not take inspiration from your fellow Pittsburghers and their reasons for renovating?

My Bathroom Was Ugly

The features homeowners found desirable in the 1970s, 90s or early 2000s aren’t nearly as attractive today. Whether you want to replace flowered shower tiles, colorful fixtures or linoleum flooring, a renovation allows you to create a bathroom that reflects your tastes.

My Old Bathroom Belonged in a Museum

Aesthetic issues aren’t the only problems with old bathrooms. Depending on the age of the room, it may contain a few features that were standard in years past but no longer meet modern needs. From water-hogging toilets to pedestal sinks with no storage, outdated features can make your bathroom less comfort and efficient.

There Were Leaks or Structural or Electrical Issues

Pipes and wiring have a limited lifespan. Continuing to use these features past their lifespan can actually cost you money and may even pose a safety risk. During your renovation, your remodeler can replace dripping pipes and old wiring that could pose a fire or electrocution risk.

My Bathroom Didn’t Match the Rest of My House

If you step into your bathroom and feel as if you’re in a time warp, it may be time to remodel. Since visitors may not see bathrooms, they tend to be the last rooms remodeled. Unfortunately, the rest of your home may be up-to-date and modern while your bathroom is years or decades behind the times. After a renovation, your home will look much more cohesive.

I Wanted More Bathrooms or a Bigger Bathroom

Older Pittsburgh homes have plenty of character but they don’t always contain enough bathrooms or big enough bathrooms. Fortunately, that problem is easy to address with a remodel. In some cases it may be possible to borrow a little space from another room to create a new bathroom or expand an existing bathroom. If not, your remodeler can design an addition that gives you plenty of space for a brand new bathroom.

My Bathroom Wasn’t Smart

Is every room in your home controlled by smart devices except your bathroom? When you remodel your bathroom, you can take advantage of all the smart products offered for bathrooms, including smart showers, faucets, fireplaces, toilets and tubs.

I Wanted to Take Advantage of My Pittsburgh Potty

If you have a Pittsburgh potty, you already have the basic plumbing you need to install a bathroom in your basement. The toilets were installed in basements in the early part of the 20th century when the Pittsburgh sewer system was a little unreliable. If there was a backup, the overflow only reached your basement instead of your kitchen. Fortunately, the sewer system has improved, and Pittsburgh potties are no longer need to prevent sewage mishaps. If you’ve been planning to add a family room or guest suite to your bathroom, why not use your Pittsburgh potty plumbing to create a brand new bathroom?

Is it about time you remodeled your bathroom? Master Remodelers can help you create the perfect bathroom no matter what the style of your home. Contact us for more information about our design/build remodeling process.


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