How to Prepare for Unexpected Problems During Your Pittsburgh Remodel

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How to Prepare for Unexpected Problems During Your Pittsburgh Remodel

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Helene McQuaide

Completing your renovation on schedule is the goal of your home improvement and remodeling contractor. Unfortunately, sometimes problems crop up that make delays inevitable. Before you begin your Pittsburgh remodeling project, take a look at a few things you can do to prepare for unexpected changes.

Make “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” Your Mantra

You’re probably already picturing the way your game room or kitchen remodel will look, and that picture probably doesn’t include cracked tiles and sloppy joints. Unfortunately when inferior products are used, quality tends to suffer.

Superior remodeling companies not only carry out the design and construction process, but also act as your representative when dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. They know you won’t settle for second best, and they won’t either. If there’s a problem with your new floor tile or cabinets, your home remodeler will return them and insist on high-quality replacements. Although excellent work does take a little longer, your patience will be rewarded when you realize that you wouldn’t change a thing about your new space.

Choose an Experienced Contractor

Choosing a contractor is the most important decision you make when you remodel your home. It pays to select a home remodeling company that has worked on similar projects and has extensive experience in construction. Inexperienced contractors may underestimate the time needed to complete the project or may not anticipate common problems that might derail your schedule.

Building code issues can delay projects, particularly if your contractor doesn’t have much experience or has never worked in your area before. Experienced contractors are intimately familiar with building codes in a variety of areas and have often developed relationships with local inspectors.

Pad Your Budget by 20 Percent

The changes you make aren’t the only factors that can increase the cost of your project. Problems with plumbing, heating and electrical systems are often only discovered after removing the interior walls of your home. Fixing those issues not only delays your construction schedule, but also causes your costs to increase.

When you prepare a project budget, add 20 percent to account for unexpected problems that can occur or additional projects that you may wish to add to your remodel. If the renovation goes as planned, spend that 20 percent on an upgrade or two.

Extend the Timeline

Lengthen your project timeline by a month or two in anticipation of possible problems. Even if there are no surprises lurking behind your walls and you know exactly what you want, a snowy Pittsburgh winter could put the project behind schedule. When you create your timeline, think about your vision for your entire home. It’s often easier and more convenient to accomplish all of your remodeling projects at one time, rather than begin a new project in a year or two.

It’s hard to visualize the changes in your home, although computer-generated renderings do make the process a little easier. If you decide that the porcelain tile you chose for your kitchen just doesn’t live up to your expectations, your kitchen remodeling company will be glad to rip it out and replace it with your new selection.

Although you’ll be happier with your new floor, changing a key part of your remodel will cause delays, particularly if your new flooring choice isn’t in stock or is a special order. Avoid delays by doing as much research as possible about finishes, fixtures and flooring before construction begins.

Are you ready to tackle a family room addition or a much-needed bathroom renovation? We’ll do our best to make the process as painless as possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help you enhance your home.


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