How Much Does A Home Addition Cost in the Pittsburgh Area?

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Helene McQuaide

How Much Does A Home Addition Cost in the Pittsburgh Area?

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Helene McQuaide

Are you planning to add on to your house but aren’t sure how much you’ll need to spend? Setting a realistic budget will help you ensure that your addition includes all the features you want. Although costs vary depending on the type of addition, we’ve provided some information that will help you determine a rough estimate of your Pittsburgh remodeling costs.

Upscale Master

Bathroom Addition

Is your current master bathroom cramped or outdated? Bathrooms, now a key selling point, were once almost afterthoughts. Although people certainly needed them, they didn’t necessarily want to spend much time in them. Today, bathrooms in new homes have become more luxurious, but it often takes building an addition to an existing home to get the space you want.

According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, Pittsburgh area homeowners paid an average of $101,676 to $110,223 for a master bathroom addition with an ROI of 5.1% to 52% For that price, you can expect a 100-square-foot bathroom, ceramic tile floor, two sinks in a stone countertop, and custom base and wall cabinets. Upscale bathrooms include freestanding showers with body spray fixtures, soaking tubs, and a one-piece toilet in its own compartment.

To elevate your experience, curated lighting, heated floors and tile bars, luxe sinks with polished gold faucets, custom glass shower doors and mosaic floor design are the stars of aesthetic detail and design that turns a pedestrian bathroom into something special. These unique features will enhance your lifestyle and also increase your budget. 

Upscale Master Bedroom Addition

Master bedroom suite additions range from $315,305 to $341,930 with a return on investment ranging from 45% to 50%. You’ll get a 32-by-20-foot addition that offers plenty of room for your master bedroom and bathroom. The suite will feature all of the bathroom options mentioned above plus separate sitting and sleeping areas, custom bookcases, a gas fireplace with stone hearth, a large walk-in closet, and a 5-foot-long hospitality center complete with an under-counter refrigerator, bar sink, and microwave.

Again, upgrading your selections to a more sophisticated level of luxe will increase your price. But you’re worth it, aren’t you?

Variables That Effect Price

Before we can set the final cost of your addon project in stone, there are a number of factors we will have to add to the equation. These include, but are not limited to;

  • The complexity of the design
  • The quality of building materials used
  • Inspections and permits fees
  • Unforeseen HVAC, plumbing, and electrical issues

The Value of Added Curb Appeal

Regardless of what type of addition you are interested in, the best way to build equity or enhance the resale value of your home is to think in terms of curb appeal. To do this, your addition should look like it belongs on the existing building, and it should be visible from the street.

That is to say, it should not look as if it was hastily tacked on to the existing structure, and its value should be readily apparent to potential buyers viewing it in a real estate listing or from a street-level view. It’s also interesting to note that a new garage door has the highest return on investment percentage, between 93% and 93.8%, due to the fact that it’s a significant amount of street-facing surface, and because garage doors are relatively inexpensive.

The average ROI for a master bedroom is 54% to 55%. This is because the full appeal of such a room is hard to determine from a street-side glance. That’s why the location, windows, exterior surfaces, and other external features are going to be key choices in the early design process if you hope to get the most out of your addon project.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your new home addition, get in touch with the design-build experts at Master Remodelers today.


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