Amazing Storage Solutions for Your Pittsburgh Home

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Helene McQuaide

Amazing Storage Solutions for Your Pittsburgh Home

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Helene McQuaide

Is lack of storage one of the drawbacks of living in your Pittsburgh home? Without enough room to store your clothing or cereal, bedrooms and kitchens quickly become cluttered and disorganized.

The problem is very common, thanks in part to the older housing stock in Pittsburgh and many other communities. In fact, more than 25 percent of Americans who participated in a SpareFoot survey reported that clutter is an issue in their homes. Luckily, it’s easy to add storage when you tackle your next home remodeling project. These six home renovation projects demonstrate how easily you can increase storage in your house.

Add a Pantry

Not enough room for everything in your kitchen? As part of your Squirrel Hill kitchen remodel, your contractor can create a generously sized pantry that’s big enough to hold your canned goods, small kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, and tablecloths. The pantry is also the perfect location for a wine chiller or a second dishwasher or refrigerator.

Consider a Pull-Out Pantry if Space is an Issue

If you don’t have room for a separate pantry, a pull-out pantry is an excellent option. The exteriors of your pantry cabinets sport the same finish as your other cabinets to ensure a seamless appearance. The shelving concealed behind the doors can accommodate cereal boxes, dishes, cans, and even a broom or mop.

Take Advantage of Basement Space

When there’s not enough room in the main part of the house, your basement may offer the perfect place to store your belongings. Forget about ugly metal or plastic shelves. When storage is incorporated as part of the design of your basement renovation, it becomes a design statement, as this tasteful lower level remodel demonstrates.

Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet

No one but you may see your walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring. This walk-in closet features furniture-quality drawers and cabinets, hardwood floors, crown molding, an island, and even a posh chandelier. If your bedroom doesn’t already have a walk-in closet, your builder may be able to borrow space from an adjoining bedroom to enlarge your current closet space.

Create Storage Space in Your Living Room

Even the formal areas of your home can provide storage opportunities. Pillars and cabinets help define the living space, while also offering a place to store your essentials. These storage solutions can seamlessly be incorporated into the room facade to ensure powerful solutions and flawless design.

Keep Toys Out of Sight

Keeping toys corralled isn’t always easy when you have young children or frequently entertain the grandkids. This family’s contractor came up with an innovative solution for the problem. Each child receives their own color-coded cabinet that contains drawers, shelves, and a desktop. Once playtime is over (or the grandkids go home), everything is concealed behind large cabinet doors.

Would you like to find a little more storage space in your home? The Master Remodelers’ design-build team can offer plenty of creative storage ideas for your home renovation. Contact us if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by clutter.


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