A Beautiful Theater – The Constellation

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A Beautiful Theater – The Constellation

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Helene McQuaide

It’s in the Stars

The silver screen isn’t the only place to see stars in this incredible home theater addition! Among the luxe details and exquisite craftsmanship of this home theater design is a unique decor feature: a starry night sky on the ceiling that’s completely unique to the family. Cleverly combining classic architectural design features and modern technology, this home theater design is deserving of a standing ovation.   

The Feature Presentation

When the homeowners wanted to add a home theater that was stunning, unique, and fully integrated into the style of their home, they turned to old-world elegance. The homeowners also requested a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, a wall-size TV projector screen, and a fiber-optics ceiling that made you feel as though you were looking up at a night sky, complete with each family member’s birthday constellation. 

Perfect for Any Movie Night

Setting the Scene

The existing outdoor dining area and an adjacent storage room were chosen to be built out as the theater. The construction team wasn’t able to get a backhoe into the already-existing small arch opening and so, the footer had to be dug out by hand. 

Our skilled designer was tasked with calculating the exact finished elevation and how it would coordinate with the existing foundation level and ceiling height. This includes factoring in steps, risers, and a two-tiered floor for the back row of theater seats. Keeping in theme with the room’s 17th-century elegance, clever workarounds were needed to hide ductwork and storage. 

Well-placed bulkheads and touch-open cabinets were the answer to this problem. We built the cherry framing, bulkheads, and crown moldings onsite to save time. Meanwhile, the inset redwood burl panels were built offsite by artisan woodworker, Artie Reitmeyer. 

The high-end theater doors were created by bringing smooth, flush doors to a skilled upholsterer. Our designer worked with them to get the exact details just right to fit in with the rest of the design. The spacing of the tufts as well as how the handles and edges would transition from the upholstered surface were all planned meticulously, much like every detail of this entire project. Junko, the designer, used a 3D rendering of the project to keep every craftsperson and artisan working toward the same vision. 

Sound Check 

Fabric wall panels, which are fitted with acoustic fabric, conceal the state-of-the-art sound system’s fifteen speakers. Wanting to make the most of the available space, the panels were designed with very little room for error. The professional speakers and subwoofers located under the screen had to fit within 1/16th of an inch into the space. 

Beautiful Wood Inlay

A Star is Born

As for the star of the show, the constellation ceiling was created by first receiving a diagram for each family member’s day of birth and making a template to scale. As with actual constellations, some stars would shine brighter than others. To accomplish this, it was as simple as creating different-sized holes in the ceiling drywall and using larger and smaller fiber optic lights. The outcome is a dreamy and meaningful starry night sky set in a timeless luxury home theater. 

Roll Credits

One of the homeowners is a successful contractor that specializes in large commercial construction projects. He has a first-hand understanding of the building process, including the importance of a clear design with detailed planning and budgeting. Given his experience in the industry, this project’s high level of detail, and the complexity of working within the constraints of an existing structure, he invested in our efficient and valuable design-build model. His vision was brought to life with exacting skill and execution.   

Outdoor Patio

The Sequel 

This project is an incredibly unique one, as are many of our luxury remodels and additions. The attention to detail, a network of fine artisans, and quick problem-solving means the team at Master Remodelers is indeed master of the trade. Whether you’re in need of a whole home remodel or a unique addition, Master Remodelers is the gold standard in the design-build field


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