7 Ideas for Remodeling a Small Space

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Helene McQuaide

7 Ideas for Remodeling a Small Space

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Helene McQuaide

Is your Pittsburgh home full of small spaces and unusually shaped rooms? Unique design elements give your house character but may make home remodeling a little more challenging. Luckily, you can create an appealing, comfortable space by using a few of these ideas.

Build an Addition

Additions offer an excellent way to extend small spaces. If you want to add an dining area to your kitchen, create a spacious master bedroom suite or even double the size of your home, an addition will give you space you need.

Borrow a Little Space

It may be possible to enlarge your space simply by borrowing a few feet from an adjoining room. Whether you increase the size of your kitchen by breaking through the pantry wall or combine two small bedrooms to create one large room, your home may actually have the space you need, even if individual rooms are currently too small.

Remove the Built-Ins

Older homes often contain bookcases, cabinets, hutches and other built-in features. Although these features may have added much-needed storage when the house was first built, eliminating them can increase usable floor space. If you enjoy the functionality of built-ins, your home renovation contractor may be able to create more streamlined versions that take up less space.

Visually Enlarge the Space with Paint and Wall Features

If you can’t add on to your space, a few tricks can make the space look larger. Dark paint colors tend to make small spaces look even smaller. Adding a few coats of white or light-colored paint will refresh the room and fool the eyes into thinking that it’s larger than it is.

Adding interesting wall features offers another way to make the space feel larger. Large mirrors, stone feature walls or a focal wall in a contrasting color can visually expand the room.

Change the Scale of the Furniture

Large couches, tables and other furnishings make a small room look cramped and create obstacles that make it difficult to walk through the space. Outfitting the room with smaller pieces is a simple way to make the room look a little more spacious.

Choose Furniture with Built-In Storage

When space is limited, it makes sense to shop for furniture that offers a place to stow your stuff. A bed frame with drawers or an ottoman that opens to reveal storage space will keep clutter out of sight without taking up valuable floor space.

Add Windows and Exterior Doors

Increasing the natural light in your home may make it feel bigger. Whether you replace a tiny rectangular window with a large picture window, add a set of French doors or put a skylight in the ceiling, boosting natural light can have a major impact on a room.

Does improving the living space in your home seem impossible? The design/build team at Master Remodelers can create innovative solutions that will help you make the most of your square footage. Contact us for information about the remodeling process.


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