6 Home Remodel Trends That Are Outdated

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Helene McQuaide

6 Home Remodel Trends That Are Outdated

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Helene McQuaide

Your all gray kitchen, minimalist bathroom, and plain living room are all ready for an injection of personality and warmth. Before you jump into your next remodel to freshen up your space, be sure to check in with what trends are on the way out and what trends are replacing them. Are minimalism and modern farmhouse still in style in 2022? What are the most popular paint colors? We’re here to answer these questions and much more.  


1. Minimalism 

Minimalism has been on the way out for a few years, and this year’s trends move it out even further. Minimalism is all about less. Less color, less texture, less…everything, which can feel sort of severe in its truest form. It has a clean and tidy aesthetic that was a nice reprieve from our busy lives. However, since spending so much time at home, there’s a desire for more warmth and comfort that minimalism can provide. 

A major style that’s come out of this is grand millennial, which is a term that is a combination of grandmother and millennial. It’s described as granny-chic due to its modern framing of older furnishings and décor. Tastefully layering textures, rich colors, and prints in a restrained and refined fashion is an elevated way to personalize a space that minimalism seemed to be lacking. 

brand new

2. Brand New Everything

Exclusively using all new materials in the home is on the way out and repurposing salvaged architectural elements and older furniture pieces is a big part of current design trends. This trend is borne from a few factors: the supply chain issues; eco-conscious design; and a need to find new uses for larger inherited pieces. 

Salvaged banisters, corbels, doors, windows, and beams bring warmth and charm into new spaces. Have a large bureau retrofitted as your bathroom vanity or a buffet as the base for an island. Using pieces and materials that have just a little wear gives the entire space more personality than newer materials can offer. 


3. Farmhouse 

Rustic farmhouse, think barn doors and shiplap, died out ages ago and was replaced by a modern farmhouse. That style has been fading for a few years as well and new styles are pulling ahead. Modern coastal has been building in popularity for the appeal of simplicity layered with natural textures and colors, giving the space a light and airy feel. You get the benefit of just a touch of minimalism but with materials and tones that are warm, welcoming, and serene. 

plain walls

4. Plain Ceilings and Walls 

Continuing with the theme of tasteful layers and a return to architectural details, the minimalist design of smooth, plain walls and ceilings leave much to be desired. Entering the scene are reclaimed wood beams, thick archway, and doorway casings, coffered ceilings, crown molding, and wainscoting. As for adding a little texture, consider something subtle such as grasscloth wallpaper. 

dark wood cabinets

5. Dark Wood Cabinets

Darker wood stains have been an outdated kitchen trend for several years, more specifically as an allover color choice. Some dark colors have grown in popularity and will continue to in 2022. Matte black or deep navy blue are both modern choices, particularly for lower cabinets. However, too much of a dark color will absorb light and still have a heavy feel, so try using these darker hues on small areas, such as the kitchen island. The point is to break up the color and continue the theme of layering and personalizing your space. 

indoors outdoors

6. Keeping the Inside In and the Outside Out

Over the past few years, homeowners have been craving more access to the outdoors in their everyday lives. As for remodeling, this means more integration of the outdoors in and the indoors out by bringing in more natural light, creating more access points to the outdoors, and bringing in natural textures and colors. 

To increase natural light, incorporate a skylight in your bathroom, kitchen, or dressing room. Also, consider increasing the number or size of your windows. Large windows, especially when facing the South, can bring in both light and warmth. For added light and access, install retractable doors leading out to your outdoor living space.

Earthtones, such as greens, light blues, cream, and beige, are the popular colors we’re seeing everywhere in the home. Wallpaper patterns, vanity colors, paint colors, cabinets–every part of the home is getting an earthy update in these popular shades of 2022. Along with earthy tones are natural textures and materials. Jute, seagrass, and rattan are on the rise in the forms of furniture and décor but also in light fixtures and shades. Lighter, natural wood tones are also cropping up, as are natural stone and bamboo. 

Ready To Meet With A Designer About Updating Your Home?

Going into a consultation with a designer and a little style research under your belt is a great start to set your design goals. The next step is finding a designer that you can trust to work with you to reach them.

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