6 Home Office Ideas for Your Pittsburgh Home

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6 Home Office Ideas for Your Pittsburgh Home

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Helene McQuaide

Office space is at a premium in many American households as entire families find themselves working or learning from home. With the COVID-19 pandemic expected to continue into the new year, there’s a great need for dedicated work-from-home spaces. Whether you want to create a brand new modern home office in your Pittsburgh area home or tackle a home office remodel, these six office ideas will give you a little inspiration.

Personal and Comfortable

Chances are you won’t want to spend much time in your office if it’s bland and utilitarian. Why not look to your favorite places for a little inspiration? If you enjoy the beach, decorate the space in shades of beige, blues and greens and choose hardwood flooring that reminds you of your favorite pier. If you’re a sports fan, fill the space with team memorabilia. Create an instant focal wall with your collection of jerseys or baseballs. Although you may not want to paint the walls black and gold, choose paint colors that will complement your favorite team’s colors.

Classic and Traditional

Would your dream office look right at home in old English Manor? Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, Oriental rugs, overstuffed guest chairs, mahogany-paneled walls and an ornate desk can help you create the ideal traditional home office. Consider adding a few whimsical touches, like a bookcase that springs open at the touch of a button to reveal a closet or a bust of your favorite author or philosopher.

Clean & Contemporary

If your motto is “the less to clean the better,” you may prefer a contemporary office. Sleek, clean lines define this popular style. Instead of a bulky desk, furnish your office with a simple table instead. With no desk drawers to fill up, you may find that you no longer hang on to things you really don’t need. Folders, printers and other essentials can be stored behind handle-less cabinets that open with just a slight push.

White and neutral colors serve as the perfect backdrop for your contemporary office, but that doesn’t mean that the space has to be bland. A piece of eye-catching artwork or a desk constructed from an irregularly shaped slab of wood can serve as focal points in the room.

Elegant & Sophisticated

Thick carpets, chandeliers, classic artwork and furniture-quality shelving and credenzas add a touch of elegance to your home office. Both cool or rich colors can look appealing on the walls of the space. Shades of grays, greens, blues and beige provide the perfect backdrop for your art collection or furniture in your elegant home office. Add an antique writing desk, or a clever reproduction, and select comfortable, classic upholstered chairs for you and your guests. Choose draperies that complement the wall color, or select simple shades that keep the focus on the view.

Adaptable & Welcoming

Do you want your contemporary home office to become a gathering spot for the family after working hours or a craft room on the weekends? Our design build team will help you create a space that’s functional, flexible and appealing. Multi-purpose home offices don’t have to look bland or institutional. Built-in shelving and cabinets, artwork, comfortable furniture, and durable, yet attractive, flooring make these spaces blend in with the style of the rest of your home. Do you want your home office to practically disappear at the end of the work day? Folding doors make it easy to keep your desk and equipment out of sight when needed. 

Quiet & Camera Ready

It’s hard to pay attention to a Zoom call when your kids are watching TV in the same room or the garbage trunk is clanking its way down your street. If you attend or teach online classes, give media interviews, or participate in meetings throughout the day, a quiet space to work is a priority.

Sound-deadening panels and drywall and noise-reducing caulk installed during your renovation will block out distracting noises, making it easier to focus. Dark walls and poor lighting can be an issue whether you’re holding virtual meetings with investors or explaining supply-side economics to your students. Fortunately, it’s easy to lighten dark rooms during a renovation by adding larger windows and light fixtures that mimic natural light.

Home Office Advantages

Whether you prefer a sophisticated office or more casual space, home offices offer several benefits, including:

  • Increased Home Value: Adding an office will boost your home’s value if your renovation features high-end materials and quality craftsmanship. A home office may also attract more buyers when you eventually decide to sell your home.
  • A Work Space That Fits Your Personality: There are no limits when you design your home office. You don’t have to worry about office prohibitions against displaying personal items or noise from co-workers. You can hang your favorite artwork, pick any style of office furniture you want, and even install a golf simulator for stress-relief breaks.
  • Tax Breaks: You may be able to deduct some costs of working from home from your state or federal tax returns. According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, employees might be able to deduct Internet upgrades, home computers used for work, printer toner and part of their cell phone bills on their state income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service allows you to take a home office deduction if you regularly use your house for conducting business and it’s your principal place of business. Because these deductions can be a little tricky, it’s best to consult your accountant if you have any questions. 

If you have been contemplating a Cranberry, Pittsburgh or Mt. Lebanon home renovation, why not make office remodeling part of your project? Contact Master Remodelers if you’re ready to get your renovation started.


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