4 Critical Factors for Remodeling Success

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Helene McQuaide

4 Critical Factors for Remodeling Success

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Helene McQuaide

It’s disappointing to spend large amounts of time and money on a home remodel only to be unhappy with the results. Sadly, this happens a lot to good folks like you. Fortunately, many of the obstacles that can derail projects can be identified before construction begins if you take the time to design, plan, and accurately budget for your remodel. If you’re contemplating a basement remodel in Mt. Lebanon or a kitchen remodel in Peters Township, PA, keep these factors in mind during the planning process.

Your Contractor’s Experience and Reputation

Some contractors may offer the cheapest quote, but that low price often means that some aspects of the project may not be completed to your satisfaction. Although experienced contractors charge more, they offer years of expertise, have the necessary insurance to protect you from liability, build above builder grade standards, and are educated in finding cost effective solutions when large or small problems arise.

The best contractors cheerfully provide references, have a portfolio of work to show their range of expertise, feature testimonials on their websites, provide references, and receive primarily positive comments on review websites. In addition to being state licensed, they should provide detailed contracts that explain in simple language what services will and will not be performed within the contract.

Your Expectations

Realistic expectations are key to your happiness when it comes to remodeling projects. If you expect to add a large family room addition to your home for $70,000, you’ll be disappointed when home contractors tell you that the job just can’t be done well at that price. Any contractor who does accept the job will have to cut many corners to complete the project. Setting realistic expectations regarding the cost and the scope of the job will help you avoid disappointment.

You’ll also need to be realistic about the length of time it will take to complete the project. Ideally, you and your construction manager will discuss the timetable at the beginning of your project. Your contractor will also mention any potential problems that may be encountered and discuss solutions with you before construction begins. For example, opening up walls may reveal lack of proper insulation not to mention termite damage or outdated wiring. Extra, unplanned for work would result in a change-order that you would agree to before the contractor begins.

Your Return on Investment

No matter how long you plan to remain in your home, it’s important to consider the return on investment your renovation or addition will yield. Although it makes sense to include the features you’ll love and use when you remodel, spending too much may mean that you’ll take a loss on your improvements if you do eventually sell your home. But believe it or not, many people want their home to be their castle and so ROI is not their main goal. Quality of living and an inspiring space is at the heart and you can’t put a price on that.

Blending the Old and New

The best renovations and additions integrate seamlessly with the rest of your rooms and maintain the architectural integrity of your house. When you walk through your front door, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re looking at two different houses. Extending the style and design of the renovated area or addition to the rest of your home may increase your budget, but it’s an expenditure you’ll be glad you made when you see the results.

We know that beginning a home remodeling project can be simultaneously thrilling and overwhelming. We’ll work with you to make the process painless, efficient, cost effective, and as rewarding as possible. Interested in learning how we can help you? Contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions.


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