2022 Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Pittsburgh Remodel

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Helene McQuaide

2022 Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Pittsburgh Remodel

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Helene McQuaide

The styling potential for your Pittsburgh bathroom remodel is endless. The 2022 bathroom trends offer an excellent opportunity for you and your Pittsburgh remodeler to inject luxury and personality in a way thatwill make your bathroom truly a retreat made just for you. What are the 2022 bathroom trends you should include in your bathroom remodel? Here are a few places to start on your bathroom remodel design journey. 

Vintage Pieces

One unexpected silver lining of the supply chain issue has been a lean into new uses for old finds. Designers note an increase in using vintage pieces, such as buffets and dressers, as bathroom vanities, for example. Large pieces like these can be retrofitted to hold a pair of porcelain sinks with room to spare for other bathroom necessities. Many vintage or antique pieces will be in their natural wood tone or can be sanded down, which is also trending in 2022. Lighter natural tones bring warmth and comfort into a space, pair beautifully with live foliage, and act as a great foundation for other trending tones, from neutral greens to deep matte navy. 

You can also work with your Pittsburgh remodeler to source vintage or antique lighting, whether it’s sconces or a larger hanging fixture. Vintage lighting brings a specific charm and uniqueness that’s difficult to find in new fixtures. 


Eco-Conscious Luxury 

Living eco consciously is more attainable than ever before and can come in luxury-grade bathroom features. There are so many more options today that use less water and less energy than standard bathroom features. Options like water-saving faucets, shower fixtures, and toilets will save an incredible amount of water in the long run and there are so many high-end options that you won’t have to compromise on style. Be sure to let your remodeler know that you’d like to explore these types of options when remodeling your bathroom

Being a conservationist actually opens the door to more luxury, not less! As for saving energy, radiant heated floor systems are a smart alternative to the standard HVAC option. By radiating heat directly into your bathroom through the floor as opposed to air traveling the distance to be pumped into the room, you will save on cost and the burden of running your heater constantly for a less-than-desired heated space. To save more energy during the day, use more natural light with a skylight and filtered glass window above your freestanding tub. Finally, have your Pittsburgh home remodeler replace your old water heater with a tankless, on-demand water heater to save energy.  


We‘ve seen a big shift from all white or all gray bathrooms to warm colors and cool hues. Earthy, neutral greens are the standout shades in 2022, along with cool flat blues, like slate. Pair white or gray with these colors, but do experiment with color! A great way to apply color, aside from wall paint or tile, is with your vanity. It’s a focal piece of the bathroom and is easy enough to update that using a trending color won’t be too much of a commitment. 

If you’re planning for a major bathroom remodel for your Pittsburgh home, consider adding other trending colors to custom tile patterns. Black and navy blue are also a great bathroom remodel design go-to in 2022. Classic black and white penny tile for the shower floor or the freestanding tub surround is a great way to add a classic touch with trending colors. 

Lush Simplicity

Minimalism is being replaced with sleek opulence, lush foliage, and custom touches. This doesn’t mean layers and clutter, but highly curated elements that communicate a welcoming charm, sophisticated character, and luxury. Home remodeling trends are moving away from spaces that are cold and lack personality and toward spaces that feel more unique to the homeowner. Include locally made modern pottery in both trending and neutral tones for your bathroom plants. Choose interesting and coordinating, but not matching, containers for your bathroom vanity for frequently used items. Use a mix of materials and don’t be afraid to combine highly modern touches with more traditional or vintage elements. The key is to be adventurous while also being very selective. 

Bigger is Better

Take full advantage of a bathroom remodel and expand your footprint. Make space for the vintage wardrobe you’ll use as a linen closet, a freestanding tub, and overall just more space to enjoy your new, spa-worthy remodeled bathroom. With all of the new features, you and your design build team will put into the design of your new space, you’ll want to spend more time pampering and will need the added space in order to feel less cramped. 

Custom Tilework

Custom tile work is one of the many ways homeowners are putting personal touches back into bathrooms that have been starkly minimal for the last decade or more. Handmade porcelain tile, designed with your preferred color palette and pattern, is a small but impactful high-end element for your custom bathroom remodel. Have your remodeler use black and white penny tile in your curbless shower and beneath your freestanding tub while ceramic wood-grained tile fills the rest of the space. Coordinate tile color and patterns with the style of the rest of the space for an interesting mix that still reads as a cohesive composition. 

Your Pittsburgh Bathroom Remodel is Within Reach

With these and more trends to consider for your bathroom remodel, consult with a design-build team that has the experience and recognition for excellent design practices. Master Remodelers is just that design-build firm. Decades of proven skill are available to you, starting with a consultation to discuss your design goals and functionality needs. Master Remodelers is committed to transparency about cost and process while making the experience stress free for you. Contact Master Remodelers to begin planning your luxury Pittsburgh bathroom remodel today.


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