11 Features to Consider for Your Pittsburgh Home Remodel

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11 Features to Consider for Your Pittsburgh Home Remodel

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Helene McQuaide

Selecting which features to incorporate in your Pittsburgh kitchen remodel can be more than a little overwhelming. With so many products and design styles to choose from, narrowing the choices isn’t always easy. These eleven features can enhance your remodel, whether you’re planning a traditional kitchen or an ultra-modern space.

A Reimagined Kitchen Island

When you think about kitchen islands, do the words “long and boxy” come to mind? For years, the standard kitchen island was a rectangular box of cabinets topped with a granite countertop. Although the islands added much needed storage and counter space, they weren’t particularly interesting from a design standpoint.

Today, islands are undergoing a metamorphosis. In fact, you’ll find them in any shape imaginable, including oval, round, kidney-shaped and free-form. These unique islands add a little flair to your home, while offering the perfect place to house your cooktop or wine chiller.

Although granite, quartz and soapstone are still good choices for island countertops, homeowners are no longer limiting themselves to these materials only. Innovative new options include custom-made open shelving paired with a live edge wood slab, river rock, or a sheet of translucent glass infused with vibrant streaks of color. These days, there are virtually no limits when it comes to kitchen island design.

An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops never feel hot when you touch them, even if you’ve just made a pot of soup or fried the catch of the day. An electrical current generates a magnetic field that heats a pot or pan placed on the stovetop. Induction cooktops offer several advantages, including more rapid heating, better temperature control, and no risk of burns if you accidentally touch the cooktop.

Some cooktops even offer the ability to widen the cooking areas by combining two adjacent zones. If you have a particularly large pot or griddle, the function can be very convenient. You will need to buy special cookware if you would like to include an induction cooktop in your home remodeling plans.

Trash and Recycling Chutes

Trash and recycling chutes eliminate arguments over whose turn is to take the trash out. Unlike industrial models, residential trash chutes are designed to blend in with your décor. After they’re covered with tile, they virtually disappear into your backsplash.

Accordion Glass Windows

Backyard barbeques often involve multiple trips between the kitchen and your patio or deck. Accordion glass windows save steps and also help you ensure you don’t miss a minute of the conversation if you’re inside preparing the potato salad or replenishing the pitcher of lemonade.

The windows are added to an exterior wall just above your countertop. As their name implies, accordion windows fold open and rest against the wall on either side of the opening. Many homeowners combine accordion windows with a counter or bar on the exterior side of the wall.

Warming Drawers

When you’re cooking for a crowd, keeping food warm in the oven or microwave may not be practical. Warming drawers free up much-needed oven space and ensure that your dishes are piping hot when you serve them. The drawers are placed above or below your wall oven and only take up an additional foot of wall space.

Steam Showers

Steam showers relieve joint pain and stiffness, improve blood circulation, clear nasal congestion and unclog your pores. They’re an excellent choice if you’d like to take advantage of the many health advantages of steam in your own home. Once you finish steaming, simply turn off the feature and turn on the shower.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking in a standard bathtub can be anything but relaxing. It’s often difficult to find a comfortable position that doesn’t strain your neck, and many tubs are just too shallow for soaking. Soaking tubs slope to accommodate your back and neck and are deeper to ensure that your entire body is covered by the water.

Adding a few extra features to your soaking tub, such as jets, aromatherapy diffusion systems or soothing chromatherapy lights, can make bath time even more relaxing.

Smart Appliances and Devices

Smart refrigerators allow you to peek inside your fridge via your smartphone when you’re at the grocery store or look up a new recipe on the Internet while you work in the kitchen. Smart ovens remember the settings and cooking times for your favorite recipes and can be turned on while you’re on the way home from work. Other smart appliances that can be added during your remodel include cooktops, microwaves, coffeemakers, crockpots, blenders, doorbells, washers and dryers.

Custom Cabinets

Why settle for off-the-shelf or custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel when you can purchase cabinets made specifically to fit your space? Custom cabinets are available in any style, size, configuration or material you prefer. Whether you want a series of shallow drawers to hold your collection of vintage cookie counters or wider-than-normal cabinets to store your kitchen gadgets, there are absolutely no limits or restrictions when you opt for custom cabinets.

Walk-In Pantry

Food storage wasn’t an issue when many older Pittsburgh homes were built. Back then, people visited the grocery store more often and didn’t use many prepackaged foods or snacks. Today, it can be a challenge to find sufficient storage in those same kitchens. When storage is lacking, it makes sense to add a walk-in pantry during your renovation. Your new pantry can be as big or small as you like and consist of open shelving, a system of cabinets and drawers or an island, or use any combination of storage options you prefer.

Outdoor Entertaining Space

Renovating and extending your outdoor space can improve the value of your home and may also help you fetch a higher price when you eventually sell your home.

Whether you add a stone patio, two-level deck or cozy porch, you’ll increase your value with the addition of a dedicated entertaining space. Adding fireplaces, fire pits, TVs, sound systems, fountains, cozy seating areas or outdoor kitchens with built-in barbecue grills will turn your backyard into one of your favorite places to be.

Could your kitchen (or bathroom) benefit from a complete remodel? Master Remodelers specializes in upscale remodeling projects that incorporate function with tasteful design choices and custom finishes. Get in touch with us if you’re ready to begin your kitchen renovation.



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