Historic Home Restoration Pittsburgh


This restoration uses modern touches to complement the original features rather than drown them out. The limited use of stylish and current gold elements throughout the space brings out the gold tones in the natural wood. 

Seamless Transition

The floor was raised six inches in the “wet bar room” to match the elevation of the living room. Set against the crisp white walls, the bold wood grain provides pattern and a variation of color, making overuse of additional color and pattern unnecessary. 

Bold-but-tasteful modern elements that offer just enough variation in styles to be interesting but not overwhelming.  The custom black cabinetry used for the wet bar has an art deco feel with its black and gold palette, featuring a gold band that wraps around the entire piece just below the polished absolute black/onyx countertop. 

In this luxury modern bathroom, the darker wood tone with black handles and gold plumbing fixtures create a focal piece that both anchors this bathroom remodel and ties it into the living area. 

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