Websites to Explore the Cost of Remodeling

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 9th February 2017

Very few people become successful by just guessing how much things cost. So why make cost assumptions for your home remodeling project based on how much your friend paid? Take a look a few websites that can help you develop a realistic estimate of the cost of your new family room or home theater addition.

Real Remodeling Costs Calculator on

This handy calculator estimates your costs based on your location. After you enter your zipcode, you’ll see the average cost for projects in your area, as well as the cost range for projects in the the bottom, middle and top third. The Houzz site also offers plenty of photographs of completed projects that are sure to provide inspiration for your renovation. Please note that because of the quality our customers desire our costs are more likely to be in the top third or top 5%.

.Cost Guides on

Fixr provides cost averages for a variety of projects, ranging from replacing a bathroom exhaust fan to remodeling your basement. In addition to offering information on average costs, the site breaks down costs into categories, including building products, and plumbing, electric and finish work. Fixr also provides estimates of the resale value of various renovations.

True Cost Guide on HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide lists the average national cost of home remodeling projects and also provides information on costs in your area. Costs are updated daily, according to the site.

Remodel Calculator on Remodeling Calculator

National and local cost averages are also available on the Remodeling Calculator site. One unique feature this site offers is the ability to select the quality of the materials that will be used in the project. Material quality, one of the most important factors in determining costs, is often overlooked by consumers. Although you’ll see a significant difference in cost between projects that use basic materials rather than luxury materials, those basic materials aren’t designed to last in most cases.

2017 Cost vs. Value Report on Remodeling

The newly released 2017 Cost vs. Value Report provides the most recent costs for both mid-range and upscale products. Just click on the Middle Atlantic region, then the Pittsburgh metro area, to see costs for our area. The report also provides the average resale value of the various renovations.

2016 Houzz & Home Report on Houzz

Although the survey of more than 120,000 U.S. homeowners doesn’t include a cost calculator, it does include some information about remodeling you may find interesting. Have you recently purchased a home and are planning on renovating it? You’re not alone. Twenty-five percent of homeowners surveyed reported that they were remodeling a newly purchased home. Eighty-five percent said that they planned to use professionals to design and carry out the projects.

9 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel on Houzz

Kitchen renovations can be costly, particularly if you’re creating the high-end kitchen of your dreams. This Houzz article offers a few suggestions that will help you save money on cabinets, countertops and lighting, appliance placement and wall removal.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost on Houzz

This Houzz article explains how much you’ll spend for bathroom renovations in three cost ranges. Each range contains a detailed description that explains what you can expect to receive for your money. The photographs that accompany the article make it easy to see the differences between basic and deluxe remodels.

6 Home Renovation Mistakes That Could Cost You on U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report explores common mistakes that can affect costs, such as hiring the first home renovation contractor you meet or setting an unrealistic budget.

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