6 Things to Live Near When You Retire

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 1st February 2019

Convenience plays an important role in the quality of your life when you retire. If you can no longer drive at some point in the future or have difficulty walking long distances, an isolated Pittsburgh home can quickly become a drawback. If you’ve started planning your retirement, you’ll want to put these 6 things on your list.

  • Grocery Stores: Uber and Lyft make it easy to get where you need to go these days, but using these services daily might make a dent in your retirement budget eventually. Living near a bus line or in walking distance of a neighborhood grocery store will make your life easier.
  • Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals: Some lucky people remain in good health during their retirement years, but most of us will face a few problems as we age. The National Council on Aging reports that 80 percent of older adults have one chronic health issue and 77 percent have two. If you live too far from doctors and hospitals, your ability to receive the healthcare services you need may be affected.
  • Your Family: Living near family members offers many benefits. Although social media, emails and Skyping can help, it can be hard to form strong connections with grandchildren if you don’t spend much time with them. Opportunities to socialize may be more abundant the closer you live to family. When your sister lives down the street, and your daughter’s house is just a mile asway, getting together for dinners, birthdays or even a spontaneous cup of coffee is much easier. If your kids need a little help with childcare, or you’re caring for an elderly relative, you may find that you prefer living closer to them.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Do you plan to spend your days on the golf course or tennis court when you retire? Why waste an hour driving to your favorite sport or activity when you can live close by?
  • Senior Centers: As a younger retiree, you may have no interest in joining the local senior center. That could change as you grow older. Today’s centers are geared toward Baby Boomers and offer plenty of activities that may interest you, including exercise and fitness classes, educational programs, financial counseling sessions, book clubs, healthy cooking classes, movies and trips. Visiting a senior center regularly may also help you expand your social circle.
  • Work: Working can be harder to give up than you might think. If you’re worried about being bored during your retirement, you may be considering working or volunteering part-time. Living close to your job will help you avoid spending long hours in traffic during rush hour.

What If I Don’t Live Near These Things?

If you live miles from the services you need, it may make sense to buy a new home closer to family, stores, recreational opportunities and healthcare facilities. Your home renovation contractor can help you turn your new place into the ultimate retirement home with features that improve accessibility and safety and make your house or condo more comfortable.

Do you anticipate moving when you retire? The design/build team at Master Remodelers can help you design the perfect retirement home. Give us a call when you’re ready to renovate your new place.


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