Mt. Lebanon Homes: Why Design-Build Remodeling Should Be a Top Priority

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 18th December 2016

Home remodeling projects involve many choices, but none are more important than the company you choose to do the work. If you are planning to remodel your home in Mt. Lebanon, working with a local design-build firm like Master Remodelers offers many benefits.

How are Design-Build Companies Different?

Design-build companies make the renovation process easier for homeowners. Traditionally, homeowners choose architects and contractors separately. This arrangement means that you need to frequently check in with both companies to ensure that there aren’t any issues or problems that can affect the progress of the project. Design-build companies like us handle the entire process from design through construction, which means you’ll never have to serve as an intermediary between two companies.

What Are the Advantages of Design-Build?

The design-build process offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Superior Craftsmanship and Luxury: Our architects, designers, and construction staff work together closely to ensure that every aspect of the project meets or exceeds your requirements. Because team members collaborate every day and aren’t competing against each other, you can count on them to find creative solutions to challenges and offer suggestions and improvements that boost quality.
  • Streamlined Process: If you don’t work with a design-build company, it takes a while to interview and select an architect, send bids out to contractors, review the bids you receive, then choose a contractor. Since design-build companies handle the project from inception to completion, you only need to make the initial decision to work with the company. Since there’s no time wasted, your project's process flows more smoothly and can even be completed sooner in many cases.
  • Perfection: Quality control can sometimes be an issue if you hire architects and contractors separately. If you or your architect aren’t around to make sure things are being done the way you want, quality can suffer if the construction company is more concerned with profit than results. When you choose a design-build company, everyone on the team works with your best interests in mind.They know you expect luxurious finishes and quality workmanship and go above and beyond to make you happy.
  • Excellent Return on Investment: Commitment to quality and perfection means you can expect a better ROI on your project.
  • Improved Communication: The more companies involved in a project, the greater the chance that small, but crucial, details will be accidentally overlooked. Since our staff has plenty of experience working as a team, communication problems that can affect the schedule or cause delays or mistakes are much less likely to occur.
  • Location: You chose your Mt. Lebanon home because you value luxury, quality and a prestigious location. In order to maintain your ROI, the home renovation contractor you select must be committed to performing quality work that truly enhances your home’s value. We are uniquely qualified to offer homeowners an unparalleled home renovation experience because we have remodeled many different homes in Mt. Lebanon and are familiar with the home architecture, commonly found issues, and neighborhood. Don't hesistate to reach out to us to gather references from other Mt. Lebanon clients and learn more about the amazing home transformations we have completed in that area.

Does the design-build approach sound like the perfect fit for your Mt. Lebanon remodeling project? Contact us to find out how our streamlined approach can work for you.


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