How to Take Advantage of a Sloped Lot in Pittsburgh

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 23rd October 2016

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s hilly terrain, it’s not hard to find a home with a view. Unfortunately, steep slopes can create challenges when to comes to your home remodeling project. Find out how you can use your hillside location to your advantage.

Build an Amazing Deck

Sure, you could build one high deck off the back of your house, but why not take advantage of the terrain to create a multi-level deck? Instead of cramming everything into one small space, create separate areas that function as outdoor rooms. Add a large comfortable seating area to one level, fill another with your grill and a dining area, and make yet another level the perfect spot for your hot tub. When you break up your deck into several levels, every space feels small and intimate, yet you have plenty of room to entertain a crowd.

Hate to lose the trees on your hill to create a multi-level deck? There’s no reason to get rid of most of them. Your new deck can incorporate the trees in an outdoor space that truly embraces nature. Winding staircases between levels are not only practical, but also add style to your deck.

Walk Right Out

A walk-out basement is the perfect way to take advantage of a sloped lot. Whether you want to create an opening in your current basement or add an addition to your home, a walk-out basement makes it easy to access your outdoor space. Adding multiple sliding or French doors to your basement opens up what can be a dark space, plus offers multiple ways to reach your new deck or patio.

Gloomy basements aren’t the best locations for master bedroom suites or game rooms. After all, who wants to sleep in a space that feels like a dungeon or enjoy a little virtual reality in a place the sun never reaches? When you break through the walls to create a daylight basement, you’ll view the space in a whole new light. Just think how wonderful it will be to wake up to the incredible view from the windows of your new lower level bedroom suite.

A walk-out basement also offers some practical benefits. If your furnace or water heater needs repairs or must be replaced, you won’t have to deal with workmen traipsing through your home. Instead, you can send them through the basement door and confine any mess to the lower level.

Create the Perfect Location for Your Garage

Do you want your living space to be the focal part of your home, not the garage? With a sloped lot, you can hide your garage behind your house and enhance the curb appeal of your home. Steep driveways may leave you housebound during snowstorms, but if your lot is big enough, there’s no reason why you can’t create a gently sloping driveway that makes it easy to leave your home even if the weather outside is frightful.

Whether you’re considering basement remodeling in Sewickley, PA, or want to add a multi-level deck in Peters Township, we can help you take advantage of your sloped lot. Contact us to get the process started.

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