5 Features to Add to Your Kitchen When Remodeling

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 12th June 2019

No matter how big your Pittsburgh-area kitchen, you probably don’t have enough room to add all of the features that look so appealing on home design websites. Choosing features wisely will help you ensure that your kitchen truly reflects your tastes and your needs.

An Island

Islands add counter and storage space and offer a convenient location for sinks and cooktops. They also provide an additional seating area and are the ideal spot top enjoy a bowl of cereal or a savor your morning coffee or tea. Islands can be constructed in any size you want and scaled down or up to accommodate your square footage. Use the same cabinets or countertops installed in the rest of the kitchen, or upgrade your island countertop with tempered glass, marble, live edge wood or other materials.

Seating Areas

Cooking doesn’t have to be a lonely experience when you add room for a few guests or the entire party. In addition to offering seating at your island, you may want to create a cozy nook with comfortable couches and chairs and a coffee table big enough to hold drinks and snacks.

Will your space include a kitchen table? Keep comfort, as well as style, in mind when shopping for a new set of tables or chairs. Wooden benches or high, pub-style chairs and tables may look attractive, but aren’t always the best choices for you and your guests. Hard benches can be uncomfortable and can’t be moved closer to the table easily, while climbing into a tall chair can be a problem for people who have mobility issues.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Manufacturers make an amazing array of products for your kitchen, including:

  • Warming Drawers: Some drawers not only keep cooked food warm, but also offer a slow cooker function.
  • Wine Chillers: An under-counter wine chiller is an ideal addition if you don’t have enough space in your refrigerator to chill wine bottles.
  • Smart Appliances: Nearly any appliance can be controlled by your smartphone these days, including refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, coffeemakers and slow cookers. Apps allow you to turn on or off appliances, change temperatures or even peak into your refrigerator to see if you need milk.
  • Pot Filler: The swing-out faucets installed next to your stove make filling pots easy.

Plenty of Storage

Lack of storage in the kitchen is a common complaint among homeowners. Floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets or walk-in pantries and storage closets keep the things you need close by yet out of sight.

Hidden Features

Panels added to your appliances make them look just like your cabinet doors. The integrated style is particularly popular if you’re creating a contemporary kitchen but is a good option for other types of kitchens too.

Appliance garages, popular features in the 90s, are making a comeback these days, although today’s garages are sleeker and less obvious than earlier versions.

Do you dislike the look of trash and recycling bins? Keep them out of view by giving them space in specially designed cabinets.

The most successful kitchen remodels start with thorough planning. We can assist you in considering all of your options and make a few recommendations that will help you utilize every square inch of your new space. Contact us to get the process started.


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