Customer kudos on energy efficiency savings

Posted by Helene McQuaide on 11th October 2013

A favorite service we like to incorporate into home remodeling projects is improving a home's energy efficiency. This is part of our Sustainability offering that helps to define The Master Remodelers Difference.

While we’ve received lots of testimonials from our Pittsburgh remodeling clients over the years, here are two favorites from satisfied customers touting the differences they’re seeing and feeling in their homes.

Both of these Pittsburgh projects started with a home energy audit to determine the most cost effective investment in home energy savings. (Read more about this subject in our “Green’ means savings for you all year” blog.)

A note RE: a new bathroom and new home insulation

Regis, I wanted to send a quick note, thanking you, Junko and the team for a great new bathroom, and ancillary projects. We are very pleased and appreciative. The craftsmanship is outstanding.

The crew was fantastic to have around. The entire project was efficient and completed in a timely fashion as expected. We really have nothing we would change that we have yet identified.

Additionally, you were right about the home performance project. We have yet to even turn on the upstairs HVAC unit for cold days! We don't even need to use it. That’s amazing, especially the attic insulation, apparently—I have been up there and I suspect the temperate difference is 30 degrees, which seems right.

I checked my electric bill and October was 1/2 the usage for the prior year, despite having exactly the same average temperature. Perhaps our comfort temperature is different than the prior owner, so this is merely an anecdotal point, but clearly the home performance work was a huge benefit for us.

I will sit down and write a letter communicating our strong reference for Master Remodelers, but thought I would send this quick note ahead of that.

Thanks again, Matt

A note RE: blown in home insulation & more…

Brady, so far, I'm a happy camper. Darryn thinks I'm a little crazy, but I swear I feel a difference already. Despite the falling temperatures outside, I am warm and toasty in here today without having even turned the furnace on. In the past, I would most certainly have already cranked up the furnace and/or the space heaters. And what a difference in my office! I've also been cranking through the laundry today because the dryer seems to be drying more quickly with the new more efficient vent.

I have to compliment the crew. They were all extremely professional. The house looked amazingly clean and put back together at the end of each day. Shaun is a complete professional. He always answered my questions and was never bothered to do so… He had obvious control over his crew and is such a hard worker! We couldn't believe the furniture that he moved every day and put back every night. Even when Andy's equipment broke and it was all for naught, he was still calm and collected.

He treated our home with respect and has a sense of professionalism that you don't always see. I would be very happy to have him back here as the foreman on our future projects.

Honestly, if this is any indication how things would go in doing an addition, I feel a little less apprehensive to undertake a bigger project like that after having experienced this one.

Can't wait to see how much toastier it gets in here after we do the spray foam in the attic. Then I think after we wrap this up, we'll look forward to further discussions about finishing out the basement. Ideally, we'd like to do that next spring/summer.


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