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We’ve remodeled our remodeling website!

Master Remodelers launches new remodeling websiteYes, websites can show their age just like homes. So we decided it was time to catch up with the times and make ours more user-friendly, appealing and efficient.

Of course we wanted clean design and easy navigation for your new online experience. Find out more here and then take a tour…

Master Remodelers launches new remodeling website after careful planningLike our own Design-Build model, we first spelled out the features, look-and-feel and structure we wanted for the future. It needed to be a site that could grow to include new projects, new ideas and new trends. Of course we explored other remodeling websites for best practices.

With a clear plan and budget in hand only then did the actual build begin.  Just like our own design-build model.


Master Remodelers new remodeling website is mobile friendlyThe online world has changed radically in 6 years!

We built our previous site in 2009. So much has changed since then! Social media and mobile computing have exploded.  So, our new remodeling website is now easy to use on mobile and touch screen devices. Other features you may appreciate include:

And improved customer communication

Master Remodelers new remodeling website features an online dashboard for remodeling customersWe wanted features on the site that launch the consistent communication that breeds success in remodeling. It’s about us Listening carefully from the very start to your needs, your dream, your budget and more. Here’s what to look for:

After you’ve explored the new site, give us some feedback via our new Contact form. Better still, lets start the conversation about your remodeling project.

Thanks to Imagebox and Randy Strothman & Associates for their fine remodeling work on our website.