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New technology in the home for today’s remodeling

new technology in the homeYou’ve noticed the amazing technology revolution going on with cars, computers and the Internet. The same thing is going on in today’s smart home, from kitchen to bath, from roof to basement.  Going forward we want to spotlight a wide variety of new technology in the home that can greatly enhance your life.  They’ll range from energy efficiency to health and safety, from new appliances to exciting new materials for remodeling.

new technology in the home including ENERGY STAR in remodelingOur “A new Star is born” Open House during mid-construction revealed some of the behind-the-walls technologies we’re building into our own home, including ones we’ve used in other remodeling projects over the years.  Learn about the numerous Home Performance with Energy Star features we built in to also improve our comfort and safety.

What is Technology?

Webster’s says it’s “the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area,” ours being home remodeling.

Therefore, our tagline: “Advancing the art and science of remodeling.” It’s not just cool, new devices.  It’s about creating solutions and improving quality of life, with both time-tested and newer construction strategies.

Here’s an outline of topics we’ll touch on in the future:

Energy efficiency & sustainability

We’ll feature the broad category of “home performance” including energy audits, Energy Star products, lighting, eco-friendly and low maintenance materials, recycling—even landscaping to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. Take a look at some of the energy efficiency features we are building into our own home.

Smart home & home entertainment

new technology in the home — smart home technology in home remodelingThe ongoing computer and digital revolution offers amazing opportunities for enhancing entertainment and connectivity options, as well as lighting-appliance-HVAC controls throughout the home.  We’ll spotlight some audio, video and Internet innovations you’ll like, plus ‘smart home’ features that you control from a master control panel or your smart phone.

Sleek & smart appliances

Particularly in the kitchen, innovations are coming fast from industry, including induction, convection, ENERGY STAR efficiencies, touch screens, ‘smart’ appliances, and new refrigeration options.  Click this link to read this first in the series blog with links to national articles like  “2012 Appliance Trends:  seriously sleek and smart kitchen designs are on their way.”)

Home water use

Ever been without water for a day or two?  Then you discover how important water is in and around the home.  We’ll offer options for water conservation inside and outside the home, as well as water purification, water heating, and landscape water conservation strategies, plus new faucet, shower, tub and toilet technologies.

New materials & products, including eco-friendly

We know there are so many choices for remodeling materials that it can be just plain overwhelming!  We’ll help by showing various materials for counters, tiles, flooring, cabinets, lighting, insulation, paints and coatings.  And, again, we’ll link you to what others are saying like this article from HGTV:  “Style your kitchen with the latest in tile.”

Home health & safety

First and foremost a home should be healthy and safe. During remodeling you can make yours healthier and safer.  We’ll look at air circulation and purification systems, the impact of volatile organic compounds in the home, water purity and fire safety.  Plus, we’ll highlight strategies for “aging-in-place” that address the special needs of our aging population. (read our previous blog on this: “Designing homes for seniors, the disabled and Wounded Warriors”)

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