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Green remodeling means savings for you all year

Green remodeling = comfort + savings

green remodeling with Home Performance with Energy StarImproving home energy efficiency means most in winter by dramatically reducing heating bills. Yet there are advantages year round to being “green,” meaning your home is as energy efficient, healthy and comfortable as possible.

We suggest you think green as part of your home remodeling. Even “lite green” is good, with very simple improvements. In the best of all worlds this starts with a diagnostic home energy audit.  Check out some Master Remodelers success stories here in Pittsburgh…

“As a certified home energy performance contractor and Certified Building Analyst, I am proud of our green remodeling success stories, especially for older homes. It’s something we truly believe in.”—Regis McQuaide

Green kitchen wins 2010 award

green Remodeling for a kitchen in Squirrel Hill

In a recent award winning Arts and Crafts style kitchen makeover Master Remodelers built in many invisible green remodeling enhancements. In a new breakfast area additional wall thickness and insulation eliminated drafts and uneven temperatures. We added insulation under the renewable cork flooring because of the tuck-under garage below. Under-cabinet energy efficient LED lights and recessed compact fluorescent lights, part of a sophisticated lighting system, efficiently illuminate work areas. Energy efficient windows and day lighting techniques make the space cozy and draft free. (find out more)

Talk about savings!

Pittsburgh green remodeling exampleIn another Pittsburgh home, following a home energy audit—1) blowing insulation into existing walls, 2) air sealing around the basement perimeter and 3) replacing leaky door thresholds—produced great results. Within a month the owners informed us:

“As you predicted, we have seen an immediate and significant difference in the ability of the house to hold heat. We just got our natural gas bill for January and it was half of December’s bill! I will (and have) highly recommended your company to improve the energy efficiency of a home.”

Old Victorian gains sweet savings, too

Victorian home with green remodeling touchesA 130 year old Victorian home renovated in the 1990s combined our spray-in foam insulation around the basement perimeter with a very thorough DIY weatherization and insulation job of the house by the home owner.  As a result his annual budgeted gas bill dropped from $240 a month to $83!  These significant savings paid for his total investment of $1,500 in only 10 months.  After that it was all green savings in his pocket. The owner said:

“You gave me some great advice about the most important basics that I could do myself.  Then your spray-in insulation was the icing on my money-saving cake. Of course I’ve also been using compact fluorescents for years now on the electricity side of the equation. Maybe this year I can afford a real energy audit.”

Not just “another pretty face.”

green remodeling with Home Performance with Energy StarAll of these homeowners are experiencing the many benefits—including energy cost savings and improved comfort—year round, even in the heat of summer. With a home energy audit and careful planning, your home can be BOTH beautiful and efficient, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually on utility bills. I like a good value as much as anyone:  going with green home remodeling to save the green year round just makes good common sense.

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