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Green Home Remodeling Benefits – Pittsburgh, PA

green home remodeling for a kitchenMany homeowners have a concern about the cost of green home remodeling—or what we call Sustainability.  But, in fact it does not have to be much additional expenditure.  And consider your benefits and incentives.

Take a look at our 2010 award-winning kitchen as an example and our blog on the subject for more examples of green, sustainable home remodeling in Pittsburgh.


First, appreciate paying lower utility costs over time because a thoughtful greening of your home can increase efficiency by 30-60%.  Second, a green home remodeling project can mean lower mortgage payments through an energy efficient mortgage, accomplished by reducing your monthly energy bills.  Third, in many markets, a high efficiency home means a higher resale value.

FINANCIAL INCENTIVESgreen home remodeling and energy efficiency in Pittsburgh

At both federal and state levels there are rebates for certain expenditures on energy efficiency, including even appliances, from some utility companies, state and federal government.  In addition there are tax credits available at federal and state levels.  Low interest loans for greening also mean considerably less long term cost for the investment. And there are state grants available for a portion of qualified “home performance” investments.


Green home remodeling can mean a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment year round.

It can also mean your project is more durable and stands the test of time with less maintenance over its lifetime.

green home remodeling imageOf course there’s the energy efficiency and utility bill savings, mentioned before.

And your home will also have a smaller carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible, including for future generations.

 Learn more about energy efficiency and conservation strategies at Home Performance with Energy Star.


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