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Are professional certifications important for a contractor?

professional remodeling certifications held by Master RemodelersIn their March issue, Qualified Remodeler magazine published the results of a readers poll of both contractors and homeowners. We’ll share some of the results with you here.  But first, take a look at our 11 remodeling certifications, plus our professional memberships.  In this blog post we’ll also share what we did in May to maintain our certifications with continuing education credits.

Lets start with the editor of this magazine targeted primarily to professionals. Regarding certifications, he says the Message to the world is:

“’I’m a remodeler who took classes; earned professional designation; and, on an ongoing basis, I am continuing to perfect my craft and be the best remodeler I can be…’ It’s an assurance to the customer this remodeler cares about doing good work.”

Our Continuing Education so far in 2013

remodeling certifications and continuing educationFor our continuing education—required annually to maintain remodeling certifications—in early May we attended two full-day conferences in Pittsburgh. One was themed “Art & Science”—sounds like our tagline!—and sponsored by Kitchen & Bath Design News.  In 9 excellent workshops we heard about many new design trends and cutting-edge technologies, as well as about striking differences among generations in their home remodeling needs.

certifications for remodeling contractorThe second all-day conference was themed “Build Pittsburgh” and included excellent professional ideas, trends and insights.  It also spotlighted the enormous amount of new development that’s in the pipeline for downtown Pittsburgh.  It’s so very exciting how Pittsburgh continues to reinvent itself and bring new vitality to the region.

Before we get into the survey results, here are some of the organizations that have certified us in various areas of remodeling.

professional remodeling certifications and memberships for Master Remodelers


First, what do CONSUMERS say about the importance of remodeling certifications when picking a contractor?  According to the chart below, essentially these say to homeowners that the credibility, quality, service and reliability will be better than other contractors.  And 64% even said that credentials would be worth a higher cost for remodeling design and construction.

consumers on importance of remodeling certifications

Second, how many REMODELERS actually have a variety of certifications? According to the survey of professionals, nearly 24% have no certifications. And this number may be artificially low from a sampling bias due to the nature of the magazine’s high end readership.

how many contractors hold remodeling certifications

Only 11% of the pros have credentials from National Association of Home Builders; we have 4 NAHB certifications.  Only 8% have certification from National Kitchen & Bath Association; our architectural designer is a Certified Kitchen Designer.  Add to these another 6 professional certifications, bringing our total to 11.  (see the full listing here)

The bottom line…

At Master Remodelers we’re always working to improve our product and service, in part through continuing education and new certifications. Since we’re also celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, you can also see the innovations in our growth and history.  And, as we’re posting this, president Regis McQuaide is at a national meeting—this time in Virginia—of a small group of professional peers as part of the Remodelers Advantage Roundtable. This group of professional remodelers meets twice a year to critique each other’s businesses and share best practices. They also connect by conference call every month.  It’s all part of the Master Remodelers mission:  “Advancing the art & science of living.”