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Our Difference

With Master Remodelers, you get the synergy of ‘Design & Build’ in one company, ensuring that your design, planning, budgeting, scheduling and construction are always in sync.

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Having remodeled more than 1,000 homes and won 26 awards, we have designed and built a wide variety of creative, updated and enhanced living spaces for clients.


  • Incorporating Appliances into Your Kitchen Design

    You’ve chosen the cabinets, considered the flooring options and spent more time than you anticipated agonizing over the perfect countertops for your new kitchen. Although selecting appliances may seem like a minor detail, the choices you make can either enhance or detract from the design of your kitchen. When you consider adding new appliances to your kitchen remodel, keep these things in mind.

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  • Sewickley Heights: 5 Reasons to Live in This Wonderful Pittsburgh Neighborhood

    If you don’t love your current neighborhood, are ready for a change after years in the same home, or are a regular visitor to and other real estate websites, you may be itching for a change. During your virtual strolls through Pittsburgh area neighborhoods, make some time to stop by Sewickley Heights. We’ve compiled five reasons why it’s one of the best neighborhoods in the area.

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