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Our Difference

With Master Remodelers, you get the synergy of ‘Design & Build’ in one company, ensuring that your design, planning, budgeting, scheduling and construction are always in sync.

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Having remodeled more than 1,000 homes and won 26 awards, we have designed and built a wide variety of creative, updated and enhanced living spaces for clients.


  • How to De-Clutter Your Pittsburgh Home and Keep It Tidy

    Clutter can take over even the cleanest home, turning your beautiful family room into a glorified closet. The problem doesn’t just make your home look messy, but also has some surprising psychological consequences. Female homeowners in a UCLA study had higher stress hormone levels when confronted with clutter. Men, for some reason, weren’t quite as bothered by a disorganized home.

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  • How to Throw an Amazing 4th of July Celebration

    The 4th of July might just be the perfect holiday. There’s no pressure to find the ideal gifts, the weather is warm, and feeding the crowd is as simple as throwing a few steaks on the grill. If you want to host an Independence Day party your guests won’t soon forget, make sure your bash includes a few of these elements. 

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