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Our Difference

With Master Remodelers, you get the synergy of ‘Design & Build’ in one company, ensuring that your design, planning, budgeting, scheduling and construction are always in sync.

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Having remodeled more than 1,000 homes and won 26 awards, we have designed and built a wide variety of creative, updated and enhanced living spaces for clients.


  • 7 Steps for Preparing Your Pittsburgh Home for Winter

    Like it or not, winter is on the way. Although you can’t avoid it, you can take a few steps to ensure that your home is prepared for the season. If you’ve recently completed a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home renovation, you’ll want to make sure your investment is protected from the elements. Take a look at seven tips that will help you keep your home and property warm and dry this winter. Read More >
  • How to Host an Amazing Thanksgiving Gathering in Your Pittsburgh Home

    Magazines make it look so easy to hold a picture-perfect Thanksgiving. In their idyllic vision of the holiday meal, the turkey is perfectly browned, the guests blissfully happy and the table large enough to seat 20 or more people. In reality, hosting a holiday meal doesn’t always go so smoothly. Family members bicker, the new sweet potato casserole recipe is a bust, and you really wish you hadn’t put off that home remodeling project to expand the dining room. Luckily, hosting a memorable Thanksgiving gathering is possible if you keep these tips in mind. Read More >